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Art. 55167000
Wood Drum small - ∅ approx. 18 cm/7.1 inch diameter
- made in the EU
wood, length: approx. 37 cm, diam. approx. 18 cm (length: approx. 14.8 inch, diam. approx. 7.1 inch)
Price: $188.10
Choroi Wood Drums are newly designed percussion instruments; each has a polygonal body with wooden ‚skins' glued to both ends, allowing thus two different pitches. They are best played with fingers; their distinctive ‚wooden' sound is shorter than that of a normal drum, yet clear and transparent.

Three different sizes are available.
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Deutsch Choroi Holztrommeln - Hinweise für das Spiel und die Pflege   (38 kb)
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~Wood Drum
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