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Clay chamotte - fine
bar 10 kg, 25% chamotte fine
This type of clay is ideal for modelling, especially when the workpieces are baked in the oven, or air dried. Due to the fine chamotte, with a grain size that is no greater than half a millimeter (0.5 mm), the clay is more porous, and thereby dries and bakes more gradually. Firing temperature 980 - 1280 degrees Celsius. Available in three colours of which the red has a percentage of 40% chamotte making it suitable for
firing harder at 1300 degrees Celsius.

Please note that clay does not tolerate frost, therefore it is not possible to transport clay during a period of frost.

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[ view ] 35104264   Clay chamotte - fine - white  $20.90
[ view ] 35104364   Clay chamotte - fine - yellow  $20.90
35104592   Clay chamotte - fine - red  $25.60

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