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Filges knitting wool Bioland 3-threads plant-dyed
plastic bag, 100% wool, 3-threads, 50g (1.76 oz), plant-dyed
These strands of 50 grams (1.76 oz) are made up of
three multicoloured threads and primarily suited to be used in combination with our Lucet. The knitting yarn is made from 100% organic wool. The variegation and quality of the knitting yarn is guaranteed to be very colourful and make particularly strong ropes with our braiding/knitting fork (Lucet) or otherwise Of course, the wool can be processed with knitting needles #4 and #5. The knitting wool is available in 3 different colour packs.
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Photo Art. Price Qty
35346305   Filges knitting wool Bioland 3-threads plant-dyed - rainbow  $15.20
[ view ] 35346310   Filges knitting wool Bioland 3-threads plant-dyed - red/pink  $15.20
[ view ] 35346315   Filges knitting wool Bioland 3-threads plant-dyed - pastels  $15.20

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