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Art. 353482--
Silk, plant coloured, 22gsm 92x500cm
width: 92 cm (1.01 yards), length: 500 cm (5.47 yards), 22 gsm, 13 colours available
Silk with its uniquely fine flowing texture and shine is very striking. It is very versatile in theatre, Eurythmy and puppet shows and can also be used for dressing up. Silk is always acceptable as a decoration, be it as a simple cloth on a table, a veil made of felted flowers or a self-made figure such as an elf.
Pongé quality 05.

Without finished edges.
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353482-- Silk, plant coloured, 22gsm 92x500cm
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Qty       Art.   Price
  35348201   colour:  lemon yellow     $202.30
  35348202   colour:  golden yellow     $202.30
  35348203   colour:  autumn orange     $202.30
  35348204   colour:  old pink     $202.30
  35348205   colour:  pink     $202.30
  35348206   colour:  lilac     $202.30
  35348207   colour:  purple     $202.30
  35348208   colour:  apricot     $202.30
  35348209   colour:  light blue     $202.30
  35348210   colour:  dark blue     $202.30
  35348211   colour:  light green     $202.30
  35348212   colour:  green     $202.30
  35348213   colour:  white     $145.30
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Pongée, ~Silk, ~Plant Colour
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