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Art. 2057120-
Compressed Charcoal, lead Diameter 5.6 mm
- made in the EU
duroplastic case, 6 leads, length: 120 mm, diam. 5.6 mm (length: 4.72 inch, diam. 0.22 inch), 3 diff. leads available
A very high quality compressed charcoal available in 3 degrees of hardness. It is manufactured by compressing and firing charcoal, clay and a binding agent. Depending on the mixture, the resulting degrees of hardness are: 2B = soft, 4B = medium and 6B = hard.
A higher degree of blackness compared to natural charcoal is achieved through better adhesion to the paper.

There is a lead holder for these leads (item no.: 20571115).
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2057120- Compressed Charcoal, lead Diameter 5.6 mm
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  20571201   lead:  soft     $18.80
  20571202   lead:  medium     $18.80
  20571203   lead:  hard     $18.80
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