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Art. 55151900
Chromatic set Tone Bars alu 20 tones
- made in the EU
range: c'-c#'-d'-d# '-e'-f'-f#'-g'-g#'-a'-a#'-b'-c''-c#''-d''-d#''-e''-f''-f#''-g''
Price: $489.50
"Choroi is attempting to unite the musical qualities of the outer/objective, and inner/subjective space and experience. The brighter, lighter and more peripheral sounds are to be united with the individual expressiveness of the inner tone experience in a new, flexible and ""breathing"" tone, a tone that also possesses a ""spatial"" quality in that it relates to the room with its warm and bright presence.
Living sounds that stimulate listening can help the modern human being to experience new dimensions of tone and a new ""social"" approach to music. As man's musical experience continues to evolve, the search for new musical instruments persists. For over 30 years, Choroi has supported this search by developing new instruments that are now in use all over the world.
Together, we are following a path in the quest for a new sound."
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