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Art. 207253--
Filia Oil Crayons - Black
- made in Denmark
cardboard box, 12 crayons, 60x7.5x7.5 mm (2.36x0.3x0.3 inch), 1 colours available
The oil pastels, made by the established Danish company Filia, have been a classic in Danish schools for decades. The lightfast colours are transparent and mix very well. They allow for many interesting drawing techniques. Using a sponge and turpentine, it is possible to make an oil pastel drawing look like a watercolour. The classic Filia Oil Crayons are square and pointed for the drawing of defined contours. The edges or the flat surfaces are suitable for two-dimensional drawing and shading. Filia oil crayons are also available in color assortments.
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207253-- Filia Oil Crayons - Black
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  20725351   colour:  black     $10.50
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Oil Crayons
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