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Art. 850220--
Artemis Watercolours from natural dyes 50 ml/1.7 fl. oz.
- made in Germany
jar each 50 ml (1.7 fl. oz.), 13 colours available
ready for use on demand

Natural dyes are fluid substances extracted from colour-yielding plants that have been precipitated with aluminium oxide.
Typical watercouloring techniques like transparent painting and layering let the colours of natural dyes appear especially bright and shiny. Natural dyes also increase one's awareness of colour harmony.
Colours: Depending on the harvest, climate and other environmental influences, subtle differences in colour may occur.

**The raw material of the colour gum-gutti (golden yellow) is used in veterinary medicine and must be classed as "slightly poisonous". Therefore it is not suitable for children.
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850220-- Artemis Watercolours from natural dyes 50 ml/1.7 fl. oz.
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Qty       Art.   Price
  85022001   colour:  carmine red     $36.70
  85022002   colour:  vermilion     $36.70
  85022003   colour:  kamala orange     $36.70
  85022004   colour:  buckthorn berries (golden yellow)     $36.70
  85022005   colour:  mignonette (lemon yellow)     $36.70
  85022007   colour:  leafgreen     $36.70
  85022009   colour:  indigo blue     $36.70
  85022011   colour:  alkanet red     $36.70
  85022014   colour:  cutch brown     $36.70
  85022015   colour:  logwood black     $36.70
  85022030   colour:  walnut (brown)     $36.70
  85022031   colour:  madder red (pure)     $36.70
  85022035   colour:  indigo purple     $52.30
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